A Thousand Nights

As my first Read With Me book, E.K. Johnston’s A Thousand Nights was a happy accident. More on the YA side of fantasy romance than the hot, hot sex included in my newly released book, yet there are certain similarities between the two that I’m kind of digging. A Thousand Nights is like The Queen’s Training if Soriana had stayed in her home region of Arono. And had a totally different life. And had not fallen for Ranneth who teaches her the meaning of passion in so many delicious ways. Okay, so maybe it’s just that the main character in Johnston’s novel (and what the hell is her name? This can’t just be me blanking. I looked it up. Nowhere to be found. The plot thickens...) reminds me of the main character in mine, and I happen to like it more because of that. Whatever. There’s also a similar tone in the way the first person narrative tells her story, and call me conceited, but I’m into it. Johnston draws you in immediately. The world she creates is a fantasy, but vivid in its familiarity despite never once setting a pinky toe in any desert setting in my life ever. It’s so easy to sink into A Thousand Nights, and when you do, just enjoy floating there, the only movement necessary being the flick of your hand to turn the page. I haven’t finished, so who knows if there’s any sweet plot twist, but I doubt it, and that’s okay. It’s not a story that needs it. It’s a story that’s for the telling, and for the absorbing, and you get caught up in it regardless. So excuse me while I turn some more pages. And then probably buy the next in her series.

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